"The Return of the Elegance" - final graduation collection, inspired by the 20's and 30's silhouettes​​​​​​​
photographer: Claudia Höhne
creative direction & clothing design: Sofia from Sofia

hair & make-up: Manos
model: Maya Alex
"Too often fashion is a pure routine. As for my creations for women's clothing, I am an individualist, I have never followed short-lived currents. Among the styles created by me, every woman can find something that corresponds to her kind of beauty without becoming a slave to instant trends. How dull it would be for all the women to wear the same silhouette in one season, the same things, the same way of thinking - that is how I feel when I see women who are more or less dressed the same. That is why I am against the tyranny of fashion. It tries to create a paradise of feminine beauty and yet often has exactly the opposite effect."
- Erté -
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