“Eat me!” is a short musical film about overconsumption and food waste. It is an absurd and grotesque story that focuses on our attitude to food, its dubious contents and food waste through the prism of a skewed relationship. And as the the saying goes “You are what you eat”, the story also references the fact that the way we treat food reflects the way we live, love and relate to other people. 

The story: Glittering socialite Laura starts slipping from the daily reality of a weight obsessed rich man's mistress. While on a fancy dinner with her gluttonous lover she enters a strange world where food dances and sings. The whirlwind of dance blows the air out of Laura's head and she becomes a different type of girl...
Directed by Ilina Perianova, DoP - Alexander Krumov, Art Director - Yagama,
Composer - Emelina Gorcheva, Choreographer - Sofia Georgieva,
Laura's costume by Sofia from Sofia
Starring - Luiza Grigorova, Nigel Barber
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